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Protecting Future Victims of Serial Rapists and Child Molesters

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For a child, sexually molestiation can have devastating effects for the rest of their lives, and many rape victims say they never are the same again. However, due to societies haste to protect the “Rights of the Rapist”, sometimes the rights of the real victims are trampled underfoot. And, often the perpetrator goes free, free to rape and molest again. Only this time the victim may be you or your child.

The ironic tragedy is that there is a simple, effective solution to this problem, one that has as worked in other areas, but has been overlooked here, under the guise of political correctness.  Not only will it end the problem permanently, it will also assure that a clever attorney doesn’t get the perpetrator off to rape and molest again.

I grew up on a dairy farm in rural southern Oregon, where we had a Holstein milking herd and a bull or two. The cows were docile and easy to be around. The bulls were another matter, some weighing over 2,000 pounds they were temperamental and dangerous. They constantly challenged any human around, snorting and pawing the ground, as they scouted for their next victim to impregnate in the herd.

One bull, the largest and meanest bulls of the lot, I had raised from the day it was born, as a 4H project. I named him Ike and fed him by hand when he was young.  As a young calf, he was as affectionate as a dog that is until he began to reach sexual maturity, then Ike became a raging, sexual machine with one thing on his mind, and he was dangerous for me to even be around.

However, there came a time when we needed to do something about Ike and our safety, as well as well as the cows peace of mind, and cows give more milk when they were calm and relaxed.

 So, feeling like a trader to all males, I agreed we had to castrate Ike. However, within a few days of his castration, I watched an amazing translation and Ike, once again, became my pet. However, now, as when he was a calf, he now had no interest in sex.  Now the cows were free to graze contentedly in the pasture, where Ike usually grazed contentedly right alongside of them.

 Therefore, we what I purpose is a 3 Strikes and You’re Out” - Law. In this case, it’s’3 Strikes and You’re Out of the Gene Poo!. And, I purpose we do this, not only for past victims, but, for victims yet to be, who will never be victims if we enact such a law.  

To the Women of this world, I as, why should you tolerate Rape or the sexual molestation of your children? And, to the men I ask, why should you tolerate the rape of your wife and daughters, or in some cases, sons. If we bond togather on the issue, we can end the serial rapist and molestation problem

Furthermore, let’s remove from office and official who would defend a serial rapist or molester at tje expense of the rights of future victims.


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