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We need to have LaserShip permanently shut down. There has been no positive delivery outcomes with this shipping company still after ALL of these years.

LaserShip was founded 33 years ago in 1986, and Blake Averill was appointed as CEO in 2014. LaserShip currently has 64 distribution facilities around the United States and 4 sortation centers (located in New Jersey, Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida).

That I’m aware of, LaserShip has a partnership with Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sephora, Walmart, Walgreens, Chewy, and Bath and Body Works for their delivery service. I have reached out to Amazon and Bath and Body Works and they are kindly taking my complaint seriously and letting the necessary departments in their company aware of this fraudulent shipping company.

LaserShip is also rated a D- with the Better Business Bureau for every one of their locations — and you can read further into filed complaints at and search for LaserShip. You can and NEED to file a complaint of your own as well if you have experienced their fraudulent shipping service.

Hundreds of thousands of customers have reported their packages as ‘LOST’, ‘MISSING’, ‘STOLEN’, ‘DAMAGED’, ‘FALSELY IDENTIFIED AS DELIVERED’ — with customers claiming LaserShip employees FORGED their signatures for their packages and stole them. There has been numerous surveillance footage of LaserShip delivery drivers recklessly handling/damaging/tossing packages and committing theft. I’m APPALLED that LaserShip is even still in business after THOUSANDS of ONGOING COMPLAINTS. LaserShip was also exploited in NY Magazine (that includes a sickening compilation video) with the headline “LaserShip, Amazon’s New Shipping Partner, Might Be The Most Hated Company on the Internet.” It is. You can review the article here:

People have also closed their accounts with companies who are partnered with LaserShip as one of their shipping services — with someone voicing to boycott every company associated until LaserShip is down.

I have been a victim of LaserShip falsely updating my tracking information twice to “DELIVERY COULD NOT BE COMPLETED - UNABLE TO LEAVE PARCEL” — though my mom and I were home. I have also emailed customer service, in which they asked me to provide delivery instructions and I requested for them to ring my door bell and to please come up to deliver my package. They confirmed they sent my request to the delivery person. They lastly updated my tracking information to “ORDER HAS BEEN DELIVERED - LEFT AT FRONT DOOR” in which they DID NOT leave a package at my front door or ANYWHERE around my building. They did NOT ring my door bell or come to my door.

So I emailed them again, they put my case under investigation for two days, and after two days closed the investigation and I never received my package. They told me to contact the seller. THE SELLER HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH LASERSHIP HAVING FULL POSSESSION OF MY PACKAGE AND LOSING/STEALING IT. This is NOT the seller’s responsibility. LaserShip needs to be held accountable and go out of business ONCE AND FOR ALL.

If you have experienced their fraudulent service, or if you are all for shutting down this business to prevent any further mishandling/stealing of packages from continuing, SIGN AND SHARE THIS PETITION TODAY!!!