Protect Your County For Future Generations

Protect Your County For Future Generations

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Why this petition matters

Started by Jo Jones

- Publicly announced on 4/13/2022 - 

“Envision AESC is investing $2billion in Bowling Green, Warren County, Kentucky to build a state-of-the-art 30GWh gigafactory, with potential to expand to 40GWh.
First phase of Envision AESC’s plant development will supply next generation battery technology to power 300,000 EVs annually for multiple global automotive manufacturers.
New gigafactory will kick-start the creation of 2,000 new, high-value jobs in the commonwealth and positions the region as national leader in battery production.”


What does this mean for the residents of Bowling Green and Warren County, KY? 

1) Dirty air. More pollution, and possible particulate that could harm individuals. Noxious odors from batteries could become a daily presence. Lithium-ion battery manufacturing requires the use of combustion equipment.

2) Possible soil/groundwater/wastewater contamination.

3) Loss of property value. Will the residents be required to disclose the plant to potential buyers, who may decide not to purchase due to it's location.

4) Potential health threats. The discharges from the battery plant may harm individuals of every age range.

5) Increased traffic. The traffic on Louisville Road/31-W is already congested, but this manufacturing facility will add at least 2,000 vehicles and possibly numerous semi's containing hazardous materials on a regular basis while traveling our highways.

6) Light pollution. A facility of this size would create another flood of lights in an area that has been fortunate enough up until now to retain some appearance of the night sky.


- Why was the community and county not made aware of this publicly before a decision was made to go forward with this project? 

- Is it because the leadership suspected that this project would not be supported by the community? 

- Are they trying to sneak something in behind our backs as if the constituents voices do not matter? 

- Will the officials who approved and supported this project be held responsibly for the potential losses to residents?

More information: 

“- Current lithium ion batteries can be ethically and environmentally problematic.

-Only a small percentage of lithium ion batteries are recycled and the cobalt needed to make them is mined using child labor in some cases.

-New research in Nature has described a new battery technology platform which involves a polypeptide organic radical construction.

-Scientists are currently working to develop this completely metal-free battery, which marks significant progress towards a sustainable and recyclable model.”


Note: With new energy developments coming forward, this project appears as a possible waste for future generations; so this may become a great loss, rather than a gain for the county and state. 

Conclusion: Many residents of Warren County, KY feel that we do not need this facility in our community. Let's keep our area safe for ourselves and our future generations.

Let us now inform our current Fiscal Court Leadership of Warren County and the KY Governor to hear our voice and reconsider this facility before it becomes too late!

28 have signed. Let’s get to 50!