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In January 2019 I was indecently assaulted by my driving instructor. I was 16 years old at the time. I was a very competent driver having completed the requisite 100 hours in my log book. 

Over a year since the incident, my case was finally heard in the District Court (Brisbane) before a jury on the 16-17 March 2020. We achieved a GUILTY verdict with the instructor being convicted of 1 count of sexual assault. A jury of 8 men and 4 women concluded I had told the truth and what happened to me was unacceptable and unlawful. While that was an important victory for me, abuse by driving instructors is rampant in our society and this is unacceptable. This is why I’m calling on QLD Attorney General, Yvette D’ath, to mandate recording of driving lessons in Queensland.

2019 was a very difficult year for me - I was emotionally dealing with the assault whilst completing year 12 and satisfying my training commitments. During this time, I had to give evidence and be subjected to vigorous and, at times demeaning, cross examination, being called unreliable and being made to think what happened didn’t. It was mentally and emotionally very taxing for me and I want to ensure nobody else has to be in my position ever again.

Unfortunately, my case is not an isolated incident. The bigger national issue is that abuse by Driving Instructors happens frequently around the country, but rarely  any cases are reported or taken to court. Driving lessons are supposed to be a safe learning environment where students and parents place their complete trust in the instructor. A simple google search reveals the staggering number of times students are indecently assaulted by their instructors. If such acts are considered unlawful by teachers in a classroom, why do driving instructors get to easily walk away? 

This is why I want all states in Australia to mandate recording of driving lessons, starting with Queensland. Please sign and share my petition so we can protect young persons around the country. Thus is a call to action that needs urgent legislative and community attention so that our children today can be protected tomorrow.

Lets initiate #LIVEDRIVE

I want my story to make a difference and not just be another statistic.