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Take action to protect our kids’ water from mining pollutants like arsenic, lead, and mercury.

It's back. Despite the overwhelming rejection of the open-pit mining bill just a few short months ago, legislators are back at it. Right now, a newly-formed Senate Mining Committee is seeking feedback on whether Wisconsin's mining laws should be changed.

Legislators tried once before to pass an open-pit mining bill that not only would have contaminated our water with arsenic, lead, and mercury, but also would have eliminated opportunities for citizens to comment on decisions that impact our communities. Let's make sure those terrible ideas don't find their way into a bill once again.

It is critical that Wisconsin maintains strong protections for our natural resources and guarantees the right for citizens to be involved in decisions that impact our communities, our air, water, and our wildlife. 

Legislators say they are looking for input on Wisconsin's mining laws. Be certain that they consider yours!

PLEASE send your comments to members of the Senate Mining Committee RIGHT NOW. Then, be sure to share this action alert with your networks - forward to your friends and share on your Facebook wall. 

Letter to
Members of the Wisconsin Senate Mining Committee
Because you are a member of the Senate Mining Committee, I want you to know how much I value Wisconsin's clean water, abundant fish and wildlife, and opportunities to participate in the decisions that impact my community.

Wisconsin's current mining laws were crafted to allow for profitable mining while ensuring that people, their property, and their water and air are protected. These laws have served our state well. It is critical that we maintain our good laws because mining disrupts water flow, scars the land, and can release toxins such as arsenic, mercury, and lead into the environment.
As mining discussions continue in the Capitol, please keep my concerns in mind. Laws pertaining to mining in Wisconsin must:

*Protect water quality and supply for all Wisconsinites;
*Ensure that local communities and citizens continue to have a voice in decisions that impact their quality of life;
*Make certain that all mining operations are responsible for any harm their activities cause.

Thank you,

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