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Protect Vulnerable Communities From Toxic Pollution - All Of It!

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Too often, communities are bombarded by pollution coming from all directions. Yet the Environmental Protection Agency does not assess the full impact of toxic pollution on children or from combined sources—even though scientists have been calling for this for years.

Fortunately, the EPA has said that it is evaluating the current science, which shows that it must start addressing the full community health impacts from pollution. Now the EPA needs to hear how much this matters.

The EPA’s decision on whether to follow current science will affect whether communities overburdened by pollution can ever have healthy air, water, and playgrounds, or protection from the cumulative effect of exposure to chemicals in daily life.

For too long, the EPA has embraced an outdated risk assessment approach, which assures that the most vulnerable communities will remain polluted. The EPA needs to know that the public wants EPA to update its policy and evaluate the real-world impact of pollution we face. 

Please join us in urging the EPA to finally adopt the best available scientific methods to reduce pollution and advance environmental justice.

The EPA knows that pollution often accumulates in communities of color and lower-income communities, which receive little information or a meaningful say in the matter. The status quo won’t make our communities safer.

Show your commitment by calling on the EPA to ensure that the next generation of children won’t grow up surrounded by a toxic soup of pollution.

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