Protect the Scenic Region along the corridor of SC-11 in Pickens County SC

Protect the Scenic Region along the corridor of SC-11 in Pickens County SC

August 1, 2022
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Pickens County Council Member Robert Ensley Feemster (District 1) and
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Why this petition matters

Started by Karen Martinez

We, the residents of the region of Upstate South Carolina who live with, on and near SC-11 have some additional input for the Pickens County Council to consider.
We participated in the ACOG survey, however, we don't think the survey went far enough to consider the enactment of protections of the scenic splendor, the watershed in which we live and the naturally occurring Green Space along the SC-11 Corridor in Pickens County.

In general, we do not want the landscape to become overwhelmed with overdevelopment, especially commercial, that will adversely affect the the natural resources of this region and will adversely affect the lifestyles of the rural residents of this region. 

More specifically, protecting the natural scenic splendor, the creatures who also make their homes in this region, and the purity of the watersheds that SC-11 divides is of great importance to us.

SC-11 runs directly though the landscape of two important watersheds in Pickens County, the Oolenoy Watershed and the Greenville Watershed. These are not only important to the upstate region, but are essential watersheds for the entire State of South Carolina. 

SC-11 is the main pathway for many rural neighbors on their commute to work, and also the pathway for visitors to this region, not just from South Carolina, but from all over the US and the world. It brings them to this Green Space to enjoy its natural wonder. Hiking trails, waterfalls, scenic vistas, State and County Parks, Lakes, creatures in the wild, etc.

We ask the Pickens County Council to enact an overlay of protection over this corridor and to the lands that border it up to 1000 feet from the utility easement on either side of the roadway.  

We, residents of this region, do not all agree on every possible choice on the following list in this document, but at the core, we do agree that this region deserves better than to allow the overflow of growth from the nearby cities to destroy and pollute the region.  

It's rural, it's beautiful, it's peaceful, and we believe it's worth protecting.

Some items to consider are;

*No new commercial development along the SC—11 corridor in Pickens County. - this will protect the small businesses already established by community members and also will protect from the destructive elements of building and pollution. 

*No Commercially owned RV campgrounds or any campgrounds along the SC-11 corridor that are not within the boundaries of a State or County Park - this will protect the environment better since State and County Parks will have official rules and regulars for maintenance and it will help the Parks financially to keep them in order and thriving. 

*Single family residences only on a minimum 5 acre lot - this would protect from the establishment of many homes built too closely together, apartment structures or subdivisions which would create more densely populated areas that would destroy and pollute the land. 

*Protective rules or laws on all land along the corridor to keep the natural landscape intact - this protects the our creature neighbors who live among us by not destroying their habitats to build, and protects the beauty of the natural landscape. 

*No clear cutting in the region and especially along SC-11 - this protects the beauty but more importantly the water ways and storm water flow that will create destruction downstream. 

*Night lighting restrictions on present commercial and residences and all future “to be built” residences - this protects the health of the night creatures that live among us, for we are building our homes in their habitats, and also this allows for all to enjoy the true nature of the night sky and stars. Cities lose this due to light pollution. 

Residents who sign, please comment where you are from and how this impacts you, and ideas you may have or other suggestions. 

Our peaceful, rural lives are at stake here and we want the Pickens County Council to help us preserve our community, the natural wonder and beauty of our region and our way of life! 

Again, it’s rural, it's beautiful, it's peaceful, and we believe it's worth protecting.


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Signatures: 143Next Goal: 200
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