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STOP the NRStor Proposal for Goderich

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In September 2016, the Ontario Energy Minster cancelled all energy generating projects submitted under the Green Energy Act of Ontario, citing an excess of energy already available in Ontario. NRStor's own documents classify its compressed air energy storage (CAES) technology as energy generating.  Its graphic puts it shoulder to shoulder with nuclear power generation.

NRStor's CAES proposal for Goderich should have been cancelled in September, instead of being approved and awarded contracts after that date. It has been allowed to quickly and quietly advance, hoping to obtain approvals and break ground in May 2017.

The proposed plant is fully automated, remotely controlled, and offers no economic benefit beyond the construction phase, which is claimed to be as little as 30 on-site days.NRStor clearly states that the "demonstration project in Goderich will provide significant opportunities to scale up this technology."  With 12 salt caverns on this side of Goderich, the potential for expansion is huge. 

MPAC scores capped under the Green Energy Act, and as a result the Town of Goderich will be restricted in its ability to fully benefit from taxation of this site and the value of the energy plant. 

CAES technology is neither "new" or "game changing".  Pioneered in Huntorf, Germany in 1978it has never expanded across the European Union and data show that since the mid 1980's its use has been reduced some years to 2-3 times a month!  The only other operational CAES plant is in McIntosh Alabama and has been operational since 1992.

The Millennium Trail is in jeopardy and tourism is a key economic driver for Goderich and Huron County as a whole.

Energy plants are inherently dangerous and do not belong in densely populated urban centres, near several residental homes or the Goderich Municipal Day Care. This plant would sit on a riverbank lot, which is home to an endangered species not mentioned in the environmental assessment.

There are no local social, environmental, or economic benefits to this project and yet it aims to grow and may operate for generations. 

We call on Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault and the Wynne Liberal Government to honour their pledge and cancel the NRStor energy generating plant proposed for Goderich.

We also call on Environment Minister Glen Murray to personally review this proposal.  We feel it has no place in an urban centre adjacent to a fragile river ecosystem, points not clear from NRStor's own Environmental Assessment.

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