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The accomadations and wants of a single individual in this country do not outweigh the desire of the majority. Making over 200 anatomically female students uncomfortable by allowing a person who is anatomically male into an area that was specifically designed for those with vaginas is simply unconstitutional. 

Why are the rights and wants of one person more important than the rights and wants of many people? This is not how a majority ruled democracy works. 

A restroom was created to accommodate the transgender indentification of such students at Tonawanda Middle/High school. This should have been more than satisfactory. The individual's state rights according to the Dignity for All Students Act have been met. We must also remember that law protects the rest of the student body, as well. 

If you agree that transgendered students should be remitted to a gender neutral bathroom, protecting the rights of the rest of the student body and their use of a gender specific bathroom, then please sign the petition and protect the rights of many as well as the rights of the few. 

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