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Protect The North Dakota Badlands

Oil companies are exploring the idea of drilling oil and gas wells under the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, placing well locations next to the park boundaries. Also, they are interested in areas "Suitable for Wilderness"  to be open for oil field development.  This will have negative effects on wildlife and tourism. 

The oil boom in North Dakota is out of control. The state officials have done little to protect the residents, the communities, the wildlife, and the landscape. It is truely the Wild West.

 The North Dakota Badlands are home for the many animals; bison, elk, mule deer, pronghorn, eagles,  and bighorn sheep. The Badlands are the main attraction for tourism. People from around the world have traveled here to enjoy the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and to have personal adventures along the Maah Daah Hey Trail.  Also, ranchers utilize the Little Missouri National Grasslands (Badlands) for raising cattle.  Even big game hunters enjoy the solitude and rugged terrain.

Lets keep the State Lands and Little Missouri National Grasslands for ranching, recreation, tourism, and wildlife.  Lets keep the North Dakota Badlands for the future generations to explore. 

Stop drilling oil and gas wells in the North Dakota Badlands


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