Petition Update

Live Hare Coursing: The Clock is ticking...

John Fitzgerald
Kilkenny, Ireland

Aug 24, 2012 — Share your lateLive hare coursing apologists claim that their “sport” is thriving in Ireland. In fact, it has been in decline for many years, thanks mainly to the campaign exposing the horrific cruelty to hares that is integral to the practice. Every professional opinion poll conducted since 1978 has revealed that an overwhelming majority of Irish people want it banned. The pathetic attempts by some politicians to defend the blood sport have only served to further undermine its diminishing credibility, as shown in this brief film:
Just look at the following two lists. The first is of coursing clubs that staged live coursing events in Ireland in 1935. The second is a list of the live coursing events scheduled for the 2012/2013 season. The decline is obvious, with many coursing clubs defunct and relegated to the eternal Hall of Shame…

Active live hare coursing clubs holding events in 1935:
Abbeyfeale Club Castlepollard and Collinstown
Adare Cl