Petition Update

Let's Protect the Irish Hare from Man's Inhumanity!

John Fitzgerald
Kilkenny, Ireland

Aug 19, 2012 — The Irish Hare is considered a “living link” with the ice age fauna of 10,000 years ago and as such is a treasured part of Ireland’s multi-faceted wildlife heritage.
It is also fast becoming an endangered and declining species.

Despite this, Irish law permits cruel hunting and baiting of this iconic creature. The hare can be hunted with hounds and ripped to pieces for “sport” after a prolonged and exhausting chase.

It can be captured with nets and then either used in coursing, a barbaric practice banned in most of Europe, or utilised in so-called blooding sessions that involve feeding the animal LIVE to greyhounds as part of their training.

Here is an Irish government minister “defending” hare coursing, one of the cruel practises to which this gentle and inoffensive creature is subjected in the name of entertainment:

Please sign the petition calling on the Irish Government to extend full protection to the hare.