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Protect the forested knoll at Punggol 17th Ave as part of Punggol's natural heritage

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1. The forested knoll has, over the years, provided Punggol with a distinctive character. The forested knoll and the surrounding area including old Punggol road is the last vestige of old Punggol forests and remaining hillock in Punggol. The rest had been flattened out by development. It should be preserved together with the "old Punggol road" as part of Punggol's natural heritage.

2. The knoll is an integrated part of the new "Waterway". The latter built at a cost of $225 million. The knoll provides the whole "Waterway" its best view as a forested backdrop. Once this is destroyed, the result will be a sterile man-made landscape to the Waterway. This natural aspect of the Waterway should be protected, as the Waterway is also an international icon for Singapore (Global Superior International Award).

3. The network of roads serving this area is already adequate without the proposed road. Transportation for the area will be augmented by the Punggol West Loop LRT Line (which is built but not operating yet). To sacrifice the forested knoll for another road to provide access to Marina Country Club is a waste of public funds, precious land and a wasteful destruction of our nation's remaining forests.

4. No number of man-made parks and amenities can replace a natural forested knoll. The place attracts families on weekends, Terry Fox runners, newly married couples for photo taking, school scouts and birdwatchers. Over the coming years, we are certain that more Singaporeans would come to appreciate what little rain forests remain, but will not miss the proposed road if not built.

5. The forested knoll is part of our natural heritage and has been with us for over a hundred years. It should not be destroyed unless it's absolutely essential.

6. Through the media and their visits, SIngaporeans have seen and associate the Waterway with the forested knoll as its backdrop. It would be unacceptable to the public if this is replaced by a sterile man0made landscape.

7. As it can be seen from the Biddadari case, preservation of greenery and heritage can be done hand-in-hand with other developments. this can be done for Punggol as well, preserving the knoll for present and future generations of SIngaporeans to enjoy.

This knoll is the last physical landscape that can remind us of the old Punggol. Erase it from the map and we would have erased all physical memories of what Punggol used to be. Memories linking us to the past are important. it plays the role of the glue that hold us to our land and to SIngapore.

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