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Stand up for sports and music fans in Tennessee. Don’t let state lawmakers take away your rights as a ticket owner.

If you are a Predators season-ticket holder, or love going to Bridgestone Arena to see your favorite band, one thing is certain: Tennessee fans are frustrated by a ticketing industry that never seems to work in our favor. Now, things could get even worse: The Tennessee state legislature has introduced the Fairness in Ticketing Act, a bill that would strip fans of our rights to own the live event tickets we buy. That’s just not right.

It's time for us fans to let our voices be heard. Here’s what we support:

Guaranteed Fan Ownership – With the arrival of restricted tickets, fans no longer own the tickets we buy. Instead, the ticketing industry has full control of our tickets and can decide what fans can do with them. Often, these tickets cannot be sold, given away to friends or even donated to charity. We support legislation that grants full ownership of tickets to the fans that buy them.

Tell Consumers the Truth – Did you know that sometimes less than 10 percent of concert and event tickets are available for sale to the public? Artists, concert promoters and event producers either pre-sell to VIPs or hold onto the tickets themselves. And many of the tickets end up on resale markets at inflated prices. If the Fairness in Ticketing Act were truly fair, it would require ticket sellers to publicize when tickets will go on sale, and exactly how many will be available to the general public.

For too long, the ticket industry has worked against the very people it should serve: the fans. Don’t let state legislators pass a bill that will prevent fans from seeing the concerts and sporting events we want at a price we can afford. Write to Representatives Kent Calfee, Charles Curtiss, Barry Doss, Pat Marsh, Jason Powell, Curry Todd and Tim Wirgau to tell them to stand with fans and not the ticketing industry!

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Representative Kent Calfee
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Representative Pat Marsh
Representative Jason Powell
Representative Curry Todd
Representative Tim Wirgau
As a sports and music fan, I urge you to oppose the Fairness in Ticketing Act and any other legislation that robs music and sports fans of our ticket ownership rights.

Tennessee sports and music fans are tired of being exploited by ticket issuers and promoters. We believe we own the tickets we buy and believe legislation should protect our property rights and the right to use or transfer tickets however we choose. Sadly, the Fairness in Ticketing Act introduced in the Tennessee legislature would do the exact opposite, giving even greater control to the ticketing industry.

As a fan, and a voter, I’m asking you and your colleagues to oppose the Fairness in Ticketing Act, a bill that will inhibit consumers’ rights.

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