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Protect students' access to no-copay birth control as basic preventive health care

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In order to ensure that more women have access to birth control, the Department of Health and Human Services specifically included contraception as basic, necessary preventive medicine covered by insurance without a copay. However, professors at Catholic schools are urging Secretary Sebelius to expand an already unnecessary "religious exemption" rule so that Catholic colleges and religious hospitals can offer health plans without birth control

Young women who access health care through religious affiliated colleges and universities should not be denied basic health coverage simply because their college doesn't want to provide it. After all, these schools serve Catholic and non-Catholic students alike -- and the vast majority of Catholics use birth control at roughly the same rates as the rest of the country! Women shouldn't be forced to pay out-of-pocket for making the responsible decision of accessing contraception to prevent pregnancy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because pushback is coming from professors at Catholic schools, please note in the "Why are you signing?" box (click the blue "Add a reason" link) if you currently attend or graduated from a Catholic or religious affiliated college or university, or if you are or were raised Catholic. Your voice is incredibly important to keep no-copay birth control accessible!

We need to act quickly to show that there is widespread support for access to birth control -- especially among students at religious affiliated schools. Thank you!

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