Protect Small Businesses in Mesmer Triangle

Protect Small Businesses in Mesmer Triangle

January 8, 2021
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Culver City Mayor Alex Fisch and 5 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Brit Mark

We are owners and employees of local businesses concerned about our safety and business operations in the "Mesmer Triangle" of Culver City, CA.

The current state of the streets and alleyways in the "Mesmer Triangle" between Major Street, Mesmer Street, Teale Street have become a dumping site and vehicle+tent encampment for the homeless community in the area. They have created a public nuisance, are endangering themselves, are soliciting prostitution and are affecting our ability to operate our businesses with the public.

We have run into issues receiving adequate police/sheriff response due to our geographical location. We are left without parking regulations or regular patrolling by Culver City Police, LAPD, or the Los Angeles County sheriff's department. As a result, each of our businesses have experienced at least one of the following:

  1. permanent homeless encampment (RVs, non-operating vehicles, tents) obstructing the public's ability to safely access an entrance/exit to the building, where people cook over open fires, dispose of used needles, and solicit prostitution;
  2. vandalism - broken windows, broken entry keypads, "tagging";
  3. theft;
  4. dumping of furniture, bicycles, trash, clothing, human waste etc. in and around our parking spaces and sidewalks;
  5. loitering and unauthorized use of private parking spaces.

Most businesses have had to invest in extra security, additional gates, fencing, private security, etc. because of the city's failure to protect this neighborhood.

We need to clean up our streets. Specifically, we need:

  1. Parking regulations along Mesmer Street to prevent the encampments and allow our customers to use public street parking.
  2. Regular police patrolling to prevent further decline of our neighborhood and to ensure the safety of ourselves and our patrons.
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Signatures: 283Next Goal: 500
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Decision Makers

  • Alex FischCulver City Mayor
  • Manny CidCulver City Chief of Police
  • Michel MooreLos Angeles Chief of Police
  • Alex VillanuevaLos Angeles County Sheriff
  • Mike BoninCouncilmember of 11th District of Los Angeles