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Protect Sea Turtle Defense Campaign volunteers in Costa Rica from poachers’ violent threats

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On the evening of May 31, 2013, Jairo Mora Sandoval, a young sea turtle conservationist, and four foreign volunteers—three Americans and one Spaniard—were protecting leatherback sea turtle nests on Moin Beach in Costa Rica, from poachers when they were kidnapped by masked men. 

Mora, 26, was brutally murdered, dying from asphyxiation after being dragged behind a truck. The four female volunteers were sexually assaulted, but managed to escape with their lives. These perpetrators of murder and sexual assault remain unpunished to this day.

Now, confidential informants in the area have confirmed that poachers are planning another assault in an attempt to intimidate Sea Shepherd volunteers peacefully working to save sea turtles and their hatchlings along Costa Rican shores as part of the Operation Jairo campaign.

This is unacceptable. The Costa Rican government and law enforcement must protect sea turtle nesting beaches and sea turtle conservationists in Costa Rica. 

Please take action and sign our petition. The world is watching, and calling for protection of conservationists on Costa Rica’s shores.

Costa Rica has a reputation as an eco conscientious nation, and has based much of its budget on eco tourism and this greenwashed image.  Lately the press has shed light on the lack of enforcement and disregard for the conservation of Costa Rica’s natural treasures. We demand intervention.  

Poachers unscrupulously claim the lives of thousands of endangered sea turtles year after year, and have demonstrated their willingness to resort to violence in defense of their lucrative operations.

Add your voice to this petition insisting the Costa Rican government and law enforcement protect the turtles, their eggs and their guardians on Moin Beach from violent threats by ruthless criminals. Failure to do so could have serious consequences for conservation and ecotourism in the region. 

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