Protect Social Scientist, Scholarship, Social Organizations and Public Trust in Hungary

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Search for truth, freedom of research, civic activism and support for those in need are crucial social values. They are to be protected. We renounce the politics of fear that neglects those values and undermines public trust in social science and civic organizations, should it come from any direction.

We express our solidarity with Attila Melegh, Associate Professor of Sociology, whose factual statements have been taken out of context and made into a central element of a political campaign.

Statements regarding the composition of Hungary’s foreign born population, made by Professor Melegh in an interview with a news portal, have been taken out of context and twisted to fit the absurd precepts of the anti-immigrant campaign of Hungary’s current government. A campaign video has even used his photograph, clearly without Professor Melegh’s consent.

The signatories of this statement repudiate fear mongering. We support all people and organizations that foster rational discussion, encourage scholarly debate, promote social cooperation and increase public trust.