Decision Maker Response

Mark Longietti’s response

Mark Longietti
State Representative

Apr 11, 2014 — Thank you for your e-mails and for signing the Petition. I understand and appreciate your points. For many years, I was the victim of secondhand smoke, having worked in an office setting where I was surrounded by chain smokers. I was pleased to help pass Pennsylvania's Clean Indoor Air Act which prohibits smoking in most indoor workplaces. HB 1485 would go further by prohibiting smoking in the few indoor public settings permitted under current law. I am certainly open to considering this bill. It is currently in the House Human Services Committee and must be scheduled for a vote by the Chairman of that committee, and receive an affirmative vote, before being in position for a vote on the House Floor. I am not a member of the House Human Services Committee, but will keep my eye on this bill in the event that it comes to the House Floor for a vote. Once again, I thank you for your advocacy on this important matter. State Representative Mark Longietti.

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