Protect our Treasured Shoreline

Protect our Treasured Shoreline

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Why this petition matters

Started by Michael Grennan

Help Us Protect our Treasured Shoreline

On July 27, 2022 the Town of Westbrook Zoning Board of Appeals will review Appeal 2022-013 (133 Second Avenue, Westbrook, CT).  The applicant is requesting permission to demolish a seasonal beach cottage and build a three-story year-round home.  While most people support responsible construction, this application is entirely different.  This home would look like no other in the area and is more commonly seen in Malibu or Miami Beach.  Many believe that there is no reasonable basis for granting these variances.

If approved, the home will change our shoreline forever.  

There are a number of important concerns -

-          Environmental concerns caused by overdevelopment

-          Changing the historical nature of the CT coastline

-          Economic loss

-          Reduced quality of life for nearby residents

The Westbrook Planning Commission reports that 81% of area residents are concerned about overdevelopment on the Connecticut shoreline.  Let’s put this concern into action- Let’s protect our shoreline!  Please ask for the Westbrook Zoning Board of Appeals to reject Appeal 2022-013.  Please also attend the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting on July 27th.  The details for the meeting can be found on the town of Westbrook website Thank you for your support.


174 have signed. Let’s get to 200!