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File Class Action Lawsuit Against the NSA

Edward Snowden risked his personal freedom to preserve the Rights and liberties of the American people against warrantless spying on private citizens by an out-of-control group of employees that [mis]manage OUR government, and OUR Nation.

WE, as American Citizens, must fight back against government corruption and tyranny as this is a direct threat to the American People and the foundation of OUR [once] great Nation. Please support Edward Snowden as a prime example of what ANY American Citizen should do as a Whistle-Blower when standing against the forces of evil - expose it for all to see.

We must protect OUR Constitutional Rights and Civil Liberties against ALL enemies, both foreign AND domestic.

Senator Rand Paul (KY) has suggested WE Americans file a Class Action Lawsuit against the NSA for violating our right to privacy. We need to put a stop to government tyranny!

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