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Protect our Peat and Save our Lake

We the undersigned urge the Minister of Conservation and Water Stewardship and the Manitoba Government to honour the spirit of the Save Lake Winnipeg act and deny the expansion of this mine, which would leave a permanent scar on hundreds of acres of boreal forest within metres of already overburdened Lake Winnipeg. If allowed to go ahead, this mine would dump nutrients that have been stored for hundreds of years into a lake that is already suffering from eutrophication as well as several tonnes of sequestered carbon into the atmosphere. It will remove important habitat for moose and many other wildlife and negatively impact the lives of many people make their seasonal and permanent homes in this forest. We ask that the government adhere to their newly stated green plan commitments and halt this devastation before it is too late.

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  • Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship
    Darrell Ouimet & Minister Gord MacKintosh

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