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Wake up City Hall! 

Wake up Albany! 

Wake up Washington!

Provide the personal protective equipment our essential workers need. 

Provide it FREE! Provide it TODAY!

As New Yorkers across the city and state are complying with the "New York State on PAUSE" Executive Order, our "essential workers" are going to work every day to provide vital services with no personal protective equipment (PPE). This safety gear will protect our essential workers against COVID-19, avoid overwhelming our healthcare systems and prevent them from spreading the virus to their family & others.

Tens of thousands of employees are left to fend for themselves – gambling with their own lives and the lives of everyone they are in contact with, by going to work with no protective gear, or out of desperation, are using garments such as bandanas to create makeshift masks. 

This is not protection! 

This is unacceptable!

Join us, Members of the NYC Council and all New Yorkers, as we call on the Mayor, Governor and the federal government to take the necessary measures to view these essential employees as those who should be included in all efforts to secure protective gear such as N95 masks, hand sanitizers, shoe covers and medical gloves in order to continue to serve everyday New Yorkers.

Be a voice for all essential workers, that are working hard risking their lives on the front lines tending to the needs of New Yorkers.  

These essential workers include:

- healthcare workers

- first responders including the NYPD, FDNY, EMS

- supermarket, grocery store and bodega workers

- teachers, custodians, administration staff, crossing guards

- clerks

- correction officers

- transit workers and TLC drivers

- security guards

- food pantry workers

- pharmacy employees

- trash and recycling collectors

- child and elder care providers

- restaurant & kitchen staff

- delivery service workers

- building service employees

- laundry/dry cleaning workers

- warehouse & distribution workers

- postal employees

- financial institution employees

- airline and airport employees

- homeless shelter employees

- and others

Ensuring that we have an adequate supply of protective gear should be one of our top priorities. With that in mind, we understand there is a shortage of protective gear, but ALL essential employees should be prioritized alike to ensure the safety of EVERY single New Yorker and not just some!

Lets not let history repeat itself. We all know of the tragic stories of 9/11 workers who worked at ground zero without protective gear. We certainly do not want to see a repeat of this type of tragedy after COVID-19 given that we know very little of the post ramifications of this virus.

Do the right thing by valuing the lives of ALL New Yorkers!

We are all in this pandemic together, and together we will get through this crisis.