Protect our children from radiation! NO Cell Tower near Hope Chinese Charter School!!

Protect our children from radiation! NO Cell Tower near Hope Chinese Charter School!!

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Why this petition matters


Cell towers emit a type of radiation
Cell towers have wireless antennas that emit radiofrequency non-ionizing radiation.  When these antennas are close to our homes and schools, our daily exposures to antenna emissions are increased. In our children’s case this exposure is chronic, amounting to over 1300 hours/school year.

Scientists recommend children’s exposure to this type of radiation be reduced
Hundreds of scientists are urging that our exposure to cell towers, cell phones, and other wireless radiation emissions be reduced due to the scientific evidence showing effects at legally allowable levels. These scientists have written letters to schools and policymakers urging that children and the public be protected.  

Published peer-reviewed science has linked cell tower radiation to harmful effects.
Researchers have studied cell towers and cell tower radiation for decades. Effects from RFR documented in scientific research include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, headaches, sleep issues, genetic damage, changes to the reproductive system, memory deficits, and impacts to the nervous system. Many biological effects have been documented at very low intensities comparable to what people might experience within 500 feet of a cell tower. 

However, industry and industry-funded scientific groups dismiss these studies. 

Children are more vulnerable 
Children are most vulnerable as they absorb radiation deeper into their brains and bodies. A child’s developing brain and organ systems are more sensitive to environmental stressors. Even if the radiation absorption were the same as in adults, the effects in children can be far more serious. 

First of all, we need our school board's support. The board needs to recognize the issue for the sake of our children and community. These children are the future and we need to keep them safe.

Please sign this petition to show your support for the Hope Chinese Charter School community members that are taking this fight to the top and will stop at nothing to protect our children and their well-being. 

Thank you for your support!

15 have signed. Let’s get to 25!