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BPA (bisphenol A) affects the hormonal development of babies and is associated with a host of serious health problems including obesity, premature puberty, erectile dysfunction and various kinds of cancer.

With safe alternative bottles available - such as those approved by the Cancer Association of South Africa - the use of BPA in baby products should be prohibited immediately to protect the future health of our children, as it has been in countries like Canada, France, Denmark, China and Malaysia.

Please Dr Motsoaledi, do not let any attempts by retailers or manufacturers sway you from protecting our babies!

Letter to
South Africa's Minister of Health Dr Aaron Motsoaledi
We, the undersigned – concerned parents, family members and citizens – call on the honourable Minister of Health, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, to ban the use of BPA (bisphenol A) in baby bottles.

As more and more governments around the world take similar steps, we believe it is entirely right and appropriate for South African health authorities to pursue urgent measures to protect the infants of our country from the dangers of BPA, which have been found to include obesity, premature puberty, erectile dysfunction and various kinds of cancer.

We therefore wholeheartedly endorse the Cancer Association of South Africa's call to implement legislation in terms of section 15 (1) of the Foodstuffs, Cosmetics and Disinfectants Act, 1972 (Act No. 54 of 1972) to prohibit the manufacture, importation, exportation and sale of polycarbonate infant feeding bottles containing Bisphenol A.

Please Dr Motsoaledi, use the power you have as Minister of Health to protect the well-being and safety of the next generation of South Africans!


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