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Stop the banning of weapons to American citizens

As with the rest of this country, I was totally sickened about what happened at the Sandy Hook elementary school last Friday(12/14). But, do you actually believe that stripping away our right to bear arms is going to stop this from happening. The area in which the school is located already has strict gun laws and was declared a "Gun Free" zone, but again, criminals and those intent on causing mayhem don't follow rules. I believe that if we authorized citizens that have completed a through background check to conceal and carry, these tragedies could quite possibly be prevented or at least had a very different outcome. Mexico is currently a "GUN FREE" zone, and the cartel is taking full advantage of this. Criminals and again, those who wish to cause harm, don't care about gun laws, a gun free zone means there is no one to stand against them when they attack. Again, what happened is sickening, I am father of four and could never fathom the grief those parents and the loved ones of those killed are going through at this time, especially with the holidays so close. But, think long and hard, before we go stripping away the freedoms that made this country what it is. If we continue on this path of downward spiral of freedoms and rights to our citizens, how long after before we turn into a country that is more dictatorship and only outlaws have guns to where it is unsafe to walk the streets and our government controls everything we do like the dictatorships of the 1940's!!!!

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