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If passed, Senate Bill 151 would allow countless hardened structures (known as jetties or groins) on North Carolina's natural beaches. While hardened structures may retain sand near the homes and property in their vicinity, the structures also have been found to increase erosion in areas further down the beach. Once one of these structures is built, more are sure to follow as community after community seeks to push the problem down to the next beach.

In 2011, the N.C. General Assembly lifted the ban on these structures but with the provision that only four could be built. The 2011 law also had a number of important protections for taxpayers so that regular people in North Carolina wouldn’t be forced to protect a millionaire’s beach home. S151 removes or weakens important environment safeguards on these structures and removes protections for North Carolina’s taxpayers.

Tell your legislators you want them to protect NC taxpayers and our natural beaches by opposing this irresponsible bill.

Letter to
The Governor of N.C.
The N.C. State House
The N.C. State Senate
Please oppose Senate Bill 151. S151 removes common sense taxpayer protections regarding the building of terminal groins on North Carolina beaches. Terminal groins can cost millions to build and millions more to maintain during their decades-long lives. S151 removes most of the protections included in the law passed in 2011, putting taxpayers on the hook for those costs.

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