Protect my Pilgrimage, Help our Indian Heritage, "SAVE SHIKHARJI"

Protect my Pilgrimage, Help our Indian Heritage, "SAVE SHIKHARJI"

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At a Glance:


Shikharji, Giridih district, Jharkhand, India, famously known as Parasnath hill, is one of the most worshiped mountains. This hill has seen salvation of 20 out of 24 Tirthankaras, hence it is the most holy mountain for the Jains. Apart from 20 Tirthankaras innumerable saints have attained Nirvana on this hill. This Pilgrimage place is naturally created with the peak level vibrations of Tirthankaras and innumerable saints at the time of their Nirvana, hence has no other alternative and cannot be recreated in the absence of Tirthankaras in current age.


Every religion has its own supreme place for pilgrimage, such as Mecca Madina, Ram Janmabhoomi, Jerusalem, Golden Temple and Vatican etc. and followers of those religions have no other alternatives to such place of worship.

Similarly, the nirwan bhoomi of 20 Tirthankaras, entire Shikharji Giriraj, is topmost sacred pilgrimage place for Jains. Recreation of such a holy nirwan bhoomi (soil where Tirthankaras attained salvation) is impossible in current age in the absence of Tirthankaras.


With Shikharji Tirth under various threats the sanctity of the Hill, which has no other substitute for Jains, is in danger. The unjust Govt. is acting as owner of the land and is planning to take over the place with various activities listed below.

1. Promoting Tourism on the Hill
a. With Tourism flourishing in India, Govt. wants PLACES LIKE SHIKHARJI TO BE DEVELOPED AS TOURIST DESTINATION. However this will be at the cost of piousness of the Hill.
b. Once the tourism is developed, to support tourism there will be chain of hotels and motels coming into place.
c. This will in turn pave entry for alcohol, non-veg, prostitution, gambling, adultery and many more social evils.
d. There will be meat shops, non-veg restaurants, bars, pubs to cater the influx of non-religious tourists.
e. As a by-product these will transpire into over-consumption of natural resources thus leaving the locals and pilgrims with scarcity thereof. The locals and pilgrims will have to face the increase in cost of living and of pilgrimage.
f. As a course the pollution of the entire surroundings will increase.
g. This in turn shall not only affect the social life of people adversely but also damage the environment and sanctity of the Hill.

2. Third Party Rights Creation & Encroachment on the Hill
a. Govt. has also taken steps which will create rights for a local tribal community which will make compulsory for Jains to share their pious land.
b. Jains will have to bear all the activities on their own tirthbhoomi which are carried out by that local tribal community and which are against belief of Jainism.

3. Heritage of Jainism
a. Shikharji is the most invaluable and pious tirthbhoomi of Jains created due to Nirwan (Salvation) of Tirthankaras and infinite saints.
b. This holy tirth has been worshiped since time immemorial and has been securely passed on to our generation from our ancestors.
c. There are number of instances where our ancestors have shed their blood and protected this tirth against all odds.
d. If not protected now, we will lose this important avenue of salvation thus facing an irreparable loss forever.


By any chance if one thinks, that this petition is way different and is this possible or can be happening, well here are few EXAMPLES:

In India there are numerous hills, lakes, rivers considered as sacred place, place of worship and object of worship. World at large is also not alien to recognize the hills and lakes as sacred. These sacred places even have legal recognition. Govt. of respective countries have framed rules and regulations including restrictions on scaling hills, construction of modern amenities like railways etc. for protection of piousness and maintaining dignity.

Some of the examples are quoted below.


Honoring the Hindu sentiments Govt. rightly gifted the arrays of Tirumala Hills. Further Govt. enacted the laws to support their belief recognizing all hills as place of worship.

2. Mt. Narsing and Other Hillocks:

Buddhists, a minority community in India, have been showered with accolades by recognizing their sacred caves, lakes, hills, hot springs and even rocks as place of worship. Govt. is committed to maintain and secure the sanctity of the place.

3. Grand Canyon: (US)

In The Grand Canyon, an area considered as sacred in The US, the Govt. rejected to build a train line in the area to protect the sacredness of the area.


The tribal community, Dongria Kondh, at the foothills of Niyamgiri, which are less than 10,000 in numbers had opposed establishment worth billions of dollars project of Vedanta as it was sacrilegious to their hill deity Niyam Raja. The Govt. banned the entire project.

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By signing this Appeal, you are asking that the Government must recognize and declare the ‘Shikharji Hill’ as a place of worship of Jains and expedite the process for the same.
We welcome the first step taken by government of issuing an office memorandum accepting the Hill as world’s Holiest Place and has shown commitment to maintain the sanctity of the Hill.
This is to safeguard our most sacred place, a place where our spirits and souls can attain experience of ultimate serenity and tranquility.

Your support towards signing this appeal will be heartfelt and earnestly appreciated.

Thank you so much.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,50,000!
At 1,50,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!