Protect Mivesa Garden Residences from Tyrannical BOD Member

Protect Mivesa Garden Residences from Tyrannical BOD Member

September 11, 2022
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Started by JYP Stargazer

September 5, 2022

The Administrative Office & Board of Directors
Mivesa Garden Residences

To Whom It May Concern:

We are writing to you to express our alarming concern about the latest spate of mini- and micro-aggressions by a certain member of the Mivesa Garden Residences’ Board of Directors (BOD), namely Dr. Manuel Yongco.

It has come to our attention that Dr. Yongco seems to be blatantly abusing his authority as a member of the BOD, particularly when it comes to aggressive treatment of the security staff and commanding for changes to be made in the condo’s policies to suit to his demands.  

What truly upsets us the most is to hear that several security guards had been asked to leave Mivesa without due process for the sole reason that Dr. Yongco wanted them out because they either couldn’t get another unit owner’s dog to be quiet or some other petty reason that we find not justifiable enough for their release from employment here.

Worse, it has reached us that he has now enacted upon his demand that the security guards no longer be given chairs to sit on during their shifts.  This is cruel and inhumane, granted that the security guards work 12-hour shifts each time.  All of us are displeased with this decision, which you unfortunately approved of, and if no course of action will be taken upon this matter, we have to let you know that we will soon consult the Department of Labor & Employment if what Mivesa is doing is even legal as we want to ensure the security guards’ worker rights are protected.

Additionally, we’ve heard that Dr. Yongco has his own 2-way radio receiver, which is just outrageous and absurd, considering he is just a member of the BOD and not an actual staff member of the property management.  This borders on paranoia and despotism, which we will not tolerate as we feel our privacy as residents is no longer sacred because another homeowner is listening in on whatever we may ask the security guards help with, on the 2-way radios. 

In this regard, we are all united in our belief that if Dr. Yongco does not stop acting as if he owns the place, we will launch an all-out campaign to oust him from the BOD immediately.  We don’t understand how a condominium complex that’s supposed to feel like a nurturing community is now being run by a dictator-resident who has clearly overstepped his boundaries. 

We request that you respond to this urgent matter as soon as you can.  Thank you. 

Concerned Mivesa Homeowners & Residents 

CC:  Engr. Alvin M. Acosta – Property Manager

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Signatures: 213Next Goal: 500
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