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Protect Minority Voters’ Rights on Election Day

Voting is one of the most sacred means of political participation. For over forty years, the Voting Rights Act has protected the votes of every registered citizen of the U.S. It prevents voter dilution, intimidation and disfranchisement. Most importantly, the Voting Rights Act secured voting equality for minority groups across the country.

In recent years, however, there have been a number of challenges to key provisions of the Voting Rights Act in several states including Alabama, Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona, and Wyoming. While many of these efforts have been defeated in the courts, many challenges still threaten the rights of racial and language minority voters.

We can't stand by and let the Voting Rights Act be weakened – every piece of the Voting Rights Act is integral to our democracy. An inclusive democracy is one that represents all Americans.

Please urge Congress to continue to uphold the Voting Rights Act and prevent the disfranchisement of minority voters this election.

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