Protect Minority Rights, Boycott 2022 Olympics in China

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Since 2017, approximately 1.8 million Muslim Uyghurs and other ethnic minority groups have been arbitrarily detained in internment camps, formally referred to as Vocational Education and Training Centers by the Chinese government. On the basis of superficial grounds such as growing a beard or sudden sobriety, they can be held for months.

It is widely considered to be the largest ethnic-religious imprisonment of a minority since the Holocaust.

In these camps, reports highlighted that human rights abuses and mistreatment, rapes, murders, and torture were the daily reality. 

Under the pretext of fighting against religious extremism, terrorism, and separatism, both the government and the local authorities operate outside the legal system to arrest, detain and keep Uyghurs who will not comply with Chinese rule. 

China is also known to repress other peoples such as Tibetans, other Muslim minorities as well as Christians. 

Despite this grave narrative, China will have the chance to host the Winter Olympics in 2022 which will attract attention and tourists from all around the world. 

Global Human Rights Defence urges everyone being discontent and outraged by China's mistreatment of minorities to boycott the games. Ironically, the latter will be in total contrariety with the values it promotes in its Charter such as friendship, solidarity, and human dignity. 

Passionate about sport or mere citizen of the world, please stand against human rights violations by signing this petition.

Make sure China stops playing with minorities' rights!