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Protect Minnesota's Research Bears

We should Protect Minnesota's Research Bears because of:

1.The importance of Black Bear Research to the scientific community, which can influence bear management in the State, and conservation efforts around the world.

2. The educational value of bear management, bear conservation and wildlife conservation in general - to the hundreds of school children and adults, not only in Minnesota, but around the world, who watch the internet bear cameras of the Wildlife Research Institute in Ely, Minnesota.

3. The economic impact of visitors to the City of Ely, Minnesota, the surrounding areas and the State of Minnesota in these difficult economic times, through the increase in eco-tourism from visitors to the Bear Center and Wolf Center - from visitors from around the world, which can help springboard eco-tourism as an industry in the state, which is one of the top two birding areas in the United States, and because it has a large number of natural history locations for eco-tourism visitors to visit across the state, which will help grow the economy of the State of Minnesota.

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  • Protect Minnesota's Research Bears

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