Project O​.​I​.​L.: Only In Louisiana

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Louisiana is home to great food, music and culture – it’s also well known for oil and gas exploration. In fact, Louisiana has more pipelines than almost any other state. The question is, who regulates them? Under the current system, natural gas pipelines and interstate pipelines are regulated, controlled, and overseen with extensive protections for Louisiana citizens. But what about intrastate oil pipelines?

Within our state, there are currently no restrictions on using eminent domain when constructing intrastate oil pipelines. This means that clever oil executives can take Louisiana property from our citizens without just compensation and with no way for the landowner to fight back. These intrastate pipelines are under the jurisdiction of the Louisiana Public Service Commission; please sign this petition to help us show the LPSC that they are missing an opportunity to fully exercise its power and protect Louisiana citizens today!

Picture Credit: L’eau Est La Vie Camp