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Protect Kentucky Farm Animals From Cruelty

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There is no excuse for cramming pregnant pigs into crates, keeping calves tied up in tiny, dark stalls, and cutting off parts of cows' tails without any painkillers. These are standard for the livestock industry at the moment, but Kentucky can and should do better than to mistreat animals in this way.

The Kentucky Livestock Care Standards Commission was created to “establish standards governing the care and well-being of on-farm livestock,” but instead the Commission is attempting to enshrin these cruel pratices into law.  

Here are what the expert say about permitting dairy cows to have their tails cut off and farm animals to be confined in cages so small they’re unable to even turn around:

·         Renowned animal scientist Dr. Temple Grandin states, “Gestation crates are a real problem. Basically you’re asking a sow to live in an airline seat.” She continues, We’ve got to treat animals right, and gestation stalls have got to go.”

·         Randy Strauss, CEO of Strauss Veal (the nation’s largest veal producer) calls veal crates “inhumane and archaic” and says they“do nothing more than subject a calf to stress, fear, physical harm and pain.”

·         “The cumulative body of research on tail docking speaks loudly. The early reported benefits do not exist, and tail docking is now more of a producer preference than a cow cleanliness/udder health issue… The dairy industry should eliminate the routine practice of docking tails.” -- Thomas Quaife, editor, Dairy Herd Management

We all know that confining and mutilating animals like this is not right. Consumers are increasingly speaking out against these cruelties and there is simply no excuse.

Kentucky residents oppose these inhumane practices, and our laws should reflect this! Attempts by the Kentucky Livestock Care Standards Commission to justify these types of cruelties is bad public policy!

Please help protect Kentucky farm animals by signing this petition and contacting Commissioner of Agriculture James Comer at (502) 573-0450 & Kentucky State Veterinarian Dr. Robert Stout at (502) 564-3956 and voice your opposition to gestation crates, veal crates, and cattle tail docking!  

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