Protect Kahikinui

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I have concern that Kia Hawaii failed to provide thorough community outreach regarding The Kahikinui Project. I have concern that the Ka Ohana o Kahikinui board and membership does not include or represent all of the Kahikinui beneficiary lease holders. I have concern about the misconception that there was and are no beneficiary managed organizations for reforestation and ungulate control efforts in Kahikinui. I have concern about the misconception that there is no beneficiary organized forest management plan in place. I have concern about the falsified ultimatums put forth by Kia Hawaii that if they do not carry out their operation then “The State will conduct eradication via aerial shooting.” I have concern about Kia Hawaii being a company based out of the Hawai'i island, the epicenter of Rapid ‘Ohi’a Death fungal disease. I have concerns that Kia Hawaii may be greenwashing the public. I have concern with The Kahikinui Project’s cause related marketing which labels DHHL lease holder recipients of the meat distributions as “households in need”. I have concerns that Kia Hawaii’s concept is commodifying Maui’s wild food sources; threatening food security and prohibiting Kahikinui beneficiary accesses to their natural resources. I have concerns about Kia Hawaii’s lack of a sufficient policy on invasive species management and a lack of transparency in regard to their decontamination procedures. I have concern about Kia Hawaii's lack of a large animal mortality composting process. I have concern that the cattle claw net sling helicopter cattle transport mechanism of Kia Hawaii's is inhumane. I have concern with The Kahikinui Project’s overall lack of correspondence and transparency. 

I oppose The Kahikinui Project being operated by Jake Muise of Kia Hawaii because it conflicts with the Kahikinui Forest Reserve Community Management Conceptual Plan which is a compilation of policies and procedures outlining the proper management of the Kahikinui forest by its own community. This plan was drafted by the Kahikinui Forest Partnership Working Group comprised of Kahikinui beneficiary lease holders. This plan was prepared for The Department of Hawaiian Homelands in 1995 and is undergoing updates for 2018. This is the plan that has been in place since 1995 and the plan that will continue to manage the ungulate removal and reforestation efforts needed. 

I request that the Right of Entry (ROE) issued to KIA Hawaii by the Department of Hawaiian Homelands be immediately halted until an investigation and audit is conducted by an unaffiliated agency. Regarding the following concerns, but not limited to, decontamination procedures in regard to  Rapid Ohia Death specifically, the disregard for beneficiaries and lessees of Kahikinui and their current and prior attempts towards self management, potential capital gain produced and mismanaged by contracted lessees who are not being held accountable by the DHHL. I request KIA Hawaii cease and desist its operations in Kahikinui immediately. 


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