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This is the post that Will's victim posted that was deleted from FB:


If you haven’t ever read any of my previous posts, this man is William Charles Strongheart. To most of the public, Will is an actor, and a rapper who goes by the handle “Rayne”. However, to myself and multiple other women (victims), Will is a rapist, and a repeat offending abuser. These are our stories, his victims, & I have included federal corrections paperwork on this man, and photos of our beaten faces.

In 2006, he almost killed one of my best friends @Dee Fox. Will is her ex, and she dated him before I did. Over his jealousy of a man named Shawn Estrada, he confined her in a house, sexually assaulted her, and beat her almost to death. Dee is now half deaf, he broke her nose, knees to her head and body, and he would shove his fingers down her throat when she tried to scream. At the time of her beating, Will was her ex boyfriend and his jealous rage took over. In the hospital, Dee found out she was pregnant. Dee suffers from PTSD, anxiety and recurring nightmares about her attack to this day.

Let's fast forward to August 2008. A woman named K married Will. Not long after, he assaulted her as well. Around Thanksgiving, mere months after their marriage, neighbours phoned the police as they could hear him beating K for over a day and keeping her locked in the house. He was charged in this assault but never convicted

Fast forward again - In late 2009, I met Will. He was everything a naive 20 year old could want: handsome, charming, intelligent, bilingual, talented rapper, etc. I did not yet realize that I was getting myself deeply involved with a violent dangerous sociopath. Will is an EXTREMELY good manipulator, and he is able to convince people of just about anything. Shortly after our relationship was public, I began getting messages from concerned women, Dee and her friends, telling me her story and even sending me pictures. He had me so convinced his “crazy ex” was making it all up. I was aware that he was under conditions for some kind of charges, but he always told me it was a fight he got into with another guy. I foolishly believed him. Will soon began to change, he became INSANELY possessive over me. He would take over my social media accounts, harass and threaten any man who spoke to me. He began to manipulate me to go against all of my friends and eventually I was isolated completely. We spent the whole winter cooped up in his duplex basement suite on Reynolds Street. The first time he assaulted me he poured beer all over me and crushed the can on the back of my head. This was because I didn’t want to stay up drinking with him and his friends and I “embarrassed him by being a bitch”.

The second time, I didn’t want to give him a blowjob, he threw me across the room and my arm cut open badly on a stake of this wooden Tipi lamp he had. I was extremely scared of him by this point in our relationship, I knew I was in deep and I avoided doing anything to get him upset with me. I walked on eggshells at all times. One night, we had drinks and I can’t exactly remember what set him off, but he had me kneel on the floor and he held the barrel of a loaded shotgun all the way to the back of my mouth and cocked it, he threatened to shoot me right there. Then, on May 30 2010, Will beat me almost to death. Just like Dee and Kim. I was asleep after a night out at BPs with his friends. I woke up to him getting very very angry at me, he had my blackberry bold in his hand and was reading my messages. I had been talking to an old fling, and had messages saved in a separate folder.

He just started beating me, and he did not stop for over an hour. I tried to run but he would throw me back on to the bed. Repeated hammer fists to my face were followed by kicks and punches to my stomach legs back, where ever he could hit. Mainly my face and head. I saw white stars every time he hit my head. At one point, he got on top of me, knees holding down my chest and arms. I was screaming for help, and he took his 4 fingers - the index and middle fingers on both hands - and violently shoved them down my throat. Over and over. It hurt SO BAD. I bit down on his fingers to try to get him to stop, and he leaned down and bit me ON MY NOSE. as hard as he could, while his fingers were still in my mouth. His nails cut my tongue and throat so badly. Every fist to the the face I thought I would lose consciousness. Through gritted teeth he said, “you’re gonna fucking die tonight bitch”. He said this many times. My adrenalin was pumped up, I was looking for any type of escape. That’s when I caught one, he handed me my Blackberry and said, “I want to hear you read this. Read it out loud to me” It was a sexual text to someone else. I knew it by heart, and as I pretended to read it, I dialled 911. The police came within 15 mins or so, he heard them screech to a hault outside. he dragged me to the bathroom by my hair and threw me in the tub under running water. Told me to clean myself up. The police found me, and arrested Will. They held my hair back and the one cop forced him to look at my face when they walked him out in cuffs. I was unrecognizable, covered in blood, and my head was the size of a watermelon. I lost so much hair all over that bedroom. Blood was everywhere. I’m lucky to not have lost teeth. Or my life for that matter. For over a week, I could not eat solid foods as t my throat so bad it gave me an infection. For almost 3 years after my attack, I had scar tissue lumps in my cheeks on both sides.

Will Strongheart served 18 months of a federal sentence. He was first sent to Prince Albert to Saskatchewan Penitentiary. My guess is he asked to be moved for fear of others knowing what he did, what he was in for. He is what’s known in jail as a check in. He did his time at another facility in Saskatchewan called Willow Cree Healing Lodge. I have attached paperwork from Corrections Canada stating everything about his federal sentence, release date, and the fact that he took ZERO courses for domestic violence or anger management.

Although he did not sexually assault me, he was charged for sexual assault on his ex-wife Kim. He raped Dee. There was a girl Dee and I discovered, back in Kansas where his “dad” lived. Her name was Sarah, that is the first attack that we know about. After he got out of jail, there have been a few women he has been involved with. I have ALWAYS taken it upon myself to inform these women, send the pictures, and hope they listen. He dated and was engaged to an amazing Powwow dancer named Sheena Cain. I spent a long time trying to convince her and her family. Anyone I think he is involved with NEEDS TO KNOW THE TRUTH.

This man has somehow been able to slip through the cracks and has become a successful actor. He played the role of Crazy Horse on AMC’s American West, and also has a fairly significant role in the new film @Indian Horse, which is out today (Friday). We must collectively ask ourselves : How has this man been able to hide who he is for so long? This raises many concerns for our Indigenous communities, especially Indigenous youth. There was a photo of him posing on a movie set in Ontario beside a 13 year old indigenous girl. This should raise severe and urgent alarm bells. This young girl stood proudly beside a rapist and a violent abuser of Indigenous women, and even said she idolized him. This is an absolute atrocity, this man needs to be SHAMED AND EXPOSED FOR WHO HE TRULY IS. I have had his lawyers contact me over to the years with "cease and desist" letters telling me to stop talking about this publicly. Legally, I have every right to as he was convicted of these crimes against me, and everything I speak about this man is the truth.

Will advocates on behalf of Indigenous people, of our Missing and Murdered Indigenous women - how can he advocate on behalf of our stolen sisters when HE IS TAKING PART IN OUR ABUSE???? Everything about his personal life is fabricated or made up completely. “Strongheart" is not his bloodline. Nor is "Rojas". He is not Mexican as he claims. His mom was Metis, and Russian. His biological father macronosian.




Will is a perfect example of utter carelessness in the acting industry. How did no one do a background check? This man had conditions where (you can read it for yourself below in the attached documents) he had to REPORT ANY AND ALL RELATIONSHIPS WITH WOMEN. Sexual or not. This is the man you want in your communities around your women and children?
Will is currently in Ontario, working on a set called “Falls Around Her” by Darlene Naponse. He is working directly with Indigenous women who are actively reclaiming their identities. The wolf in sheeps clothing has been exposed again, I cannot stand by and watch this any longer.

Something must be done. These women will live with the physical and emotional consequences of Will's actions for the rest of their lives, so should he. 

Stop protecting this violent abusing rapist once and for all.

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