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Got Asthma? Got Heart Disease? Got Dementia? Want Some?


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Got Asthma?  Got Heart Disease? Got Dementia?  Want some?  Just let a natural gas power plant be built near you..


Please sign the petition to prevent a polluting gas power plant from being constructed in my neighborhood, in the city of Philadelphia.  37,000 people, 12 schools, 3 university campuses, and several day care centers operate within one mile of the site. Due to fear of gas industry politics, several organizations are afraid to even discuss the issue!

SEPTA (Southeastern Transportation Authority) has applied to build this natural gas power plant, in a low income, African American neighborhood,  to generate electricity.  They claim it would be a "back-up system" for their regional rail lines. However, SEPTA has absolutely no need for increased electrical power. 

In 2012, powerful state politicians in Harrisburg threatened SEPTA's funding. PA is a fracking state, and SEPTA was pressured to buy natural gas, or lose state funds.  This petition can help tip the scale, by pushing local politicians to stand up. Otherwise, we, the people, are collateral damage.  

Natural gas warms the global atmosphere even more than other fossil fuels (oil and coal,) due to methane leaks, and it is poisoning water, soil, and air in formerly pristine drilling (fracking) areas of PA.

Please sign the petition to Philadelphia's Mayor Kenney and local legislators, asking them to prevent SEPTA's gas plant from being constructed.  

Thank you!

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