Protect Hayward Residents againts Commercial Zoning

Protect Hayward Residents againts Commercial Zoning

May 4, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kelly Nguyen

We are the residents of Hayward, California.

We are writing to petition against the location of South Hayward Parish’s new establishment.

South Hayward Parish purchased a section of residential zoned homes in the Alameda County, resting in the city of Hayward.

Operating a congregate living facility out of residential homes would be a zoning violation.

We the people of Hayward, believe that we should preserve our Residential Zone status.


Hayward is not the first City with rehabilitation sections, and we are not against that.

What we are against are the following fundamental change and zoning issues:


1. Increase in Crime

-We strongly believe that opening these types of establishments opens up more againts the safety of our neighborhood.

This will attract more people with no homes or the ones struggling.

Our area will be an open target to tons of foot traffic that this new establishment will initiate.


2. Housing Market reduced
-We believe that our housing market will be affected by this decision and greatly decrease our value.

We have lived here far longer than these new private establishments who are mainly using these buildings for commercial advantage, putting a commercial building next to us again will decrease our home value.

3. Stunting our growth as a neighborhood

4. Fundamentally change the nature of the residential neighborhood

5. Allowing more commercial activity in the neighborhood

6. Adding unnecessary risk to security of neighborhood residents and put more requirements on Hayward Police Department’s resources

6. Increase the current negative traffic flows


We are calling for the ALAMEDA COUNTY ZONING and our CALIFORNIA Delegates to protect and maintain the purpose and integrity of residential neighborhood zones, by not allowing commercial facilities to operate out of the location of our homes.



TO be clear and transparent:

This is not an OBJECTION to mental or behavioral or religious healthcare. This is an OBJECTION to the MULTI-MILION dollar – for profit company reportedly misusing Zoning and State code to operate facilities in residential zones instead of commercial zones.


Please take a moment to SIGN this petition. Our representatives must see traction and growth on our opinion on this to take legal action.



We do not collect any funding directly from this campaign. Instead it is donated to our Legal Fund. (


This is where our current petition is hosted from:


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Signatures: 115Next Goal: 200
Support now