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Protect Gunnison Sage-Grouse Habitat Before it is Gone

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This is Gunny. Gunny is one of the last remaining Gunnison sage-grouse in the world. Gunny and his friends once ranged widely across southwest Colorado and Utah. Today, however, they occupy just 10% of their historic range, and number fewer than 5,000. Without our help to protect their habitat this iconic symbol of our western heritage could become extinct in our lifetime.

40% percent of current Gunnison sage-grouse habitat is on public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The  BLM manages this land for multiple uses, including one that has proven extremely detrimental to Gunny – oil and gas development. The drilling, roads, traffic, lights, sound, and pollution caused by oil and gas development fragments habitat, destroys mating and nesting grounds, and disrupts the fragile balance of the sagebrush ecosystems. Gunny is a tough bird, but he can’t stand up to that kind of pressure.

Over the next several months the BLM will be updating its land-use plans to include improved safeguards for Gunnison sage-grouse. Through this process we have the opportunity to protect key habitat that is crucial to the survival of this species.

Please sign our petition asking the BLM to protect critical habitat for Gunnison sage-grouse.  This action will protect more than 93,834 acres of the most important habitat for six small and incredibly vulnerable populations of Gunnison sage-grouse in Southwest Colorado.  Protecting these sub-populations will help preserve the genetic diversity of the species, and safeguard against catastrophic events that could wipe out the whole species.

By taking action, you will help to ensure that future generations have the opportunity to enjoy watching the Gunnison sage-grouse dance at sunrise, and benefit all of the other species including antelope, songbirds, owls, and coyotes, that call this area home.  Go ahead - give Gunny something to dance about!



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