Petition update

Accused serves 5 months of 18 month sentence

Denise Robinson
Ottawa, Canada

Dec 14, 2013 — Hello All,
I has been a year since I last posted and updated you are this case of injustice within Canadian Police community. I know this is the last topic any of us want to read about or discuss this time of year. That said, it is easy for us become complacent and turn away from difficult issues, in favor of blissful ignorance. These issue are not going away. It is now one year later and more women are coming forward and abuse is continuing not doing away.

Please, if you can, re-activate this issue and spread the word so that these institutions continue to feel pressure to address this ongoing problem of discrimination, harassment and abuse in Canadian Police organizations.

As an update on my case. The accused eventually plead guilty to a lesser charge of Sexual assault. He was sentenced to 18 month in prison and only served 5. He was released back in to the community.

I no longer work for the police force, or any police force.


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