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Protect Everyone’s Right to Vote

There's a wave of anti-democratic voter suppression laws sweeping the nation now that threatens to keep up to 5 million eligible voters from casting a ballot in 2012.

These laws are a thinly-disguised effort to shape the electorate for the critically important 2012 elections by disenfranchising huge numbers of voters who are African-American, elderly, students or have disabilities.

This type of cynical political strategy that purposely makes it harder for some segments of the voting population to cast their vote can never be tolerated.

Pledge your support for every citizen's right to vote today. 

Letter to
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder
Nothing is more fundamental to our democracy than the right to vote. Yet new laws passed around the country — which restrict the pool of eligible voters and make it harder for Americans to cast a ballot — represent a step backwards in a decades-long struggle to end voter discrimination in this country.

Don't let America turn back the clock on the fundamental right to vote. Support every citizen's right to vote.