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Protect Consumers from Overdraft Protection (NSF) Fees

ATM and debit purchases are currently included in the Overdraft Protection Law introduced back in 2010, putting a end to the NSF fees up to $35 for each swipe of the card for those automatically opted-in before then. If you don't have the funds available when opted-out today, you legally should simply get declined instead of quickly going further and further into debt if you'd chosen to opt-in, as many banks encourage to "protect you". Even if you have an attached line of credit or automated transfer from savings, you still probably get a fee for that transfer as well, whether you're opted-in or out!

Currently, the only loophole in the law is Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) transactions. Strengthen consumer protection law by demanding this loophole be closed for those opted-out, and ask that other issues such as paycheck gauging and reordering transactions to cause multiple fees be considered as well.

Letter to
Federal Reserve Board
President of the United States
Leaving Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) transactions out of the Overdraft Protection Law introduced back in August 2010 does not serve consumers.

Please include Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) transactions in future consumer protection law. Also, please consider other issues such as gauging paycheck clearing and clearing larger debits before multiple smaller debits, (to guarantee banks multiple fees) rather than in the order received in future consumer protection law.


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