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Air pollution is on the rise again in Colorado and our air can’t handle more pollution– from any source. It’s up to mom’s like us to do everything we can to make sure the air our children breathe won’t make them sick.

Add your name and voice to tell Governor Hickenlooper you support strong emissions standards.

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Letter to
Colorado Governor
We the undersigned Colorado moms wanted to express our support for your goal of making Colorado the healthiest state in the nation. Like you, we love Colorado and that’s why we chose to raise our families here. We believe a key to achieving that goal is protecting the air we all breathe.

Under your leadership, our state has much to brag about when it comes to good health, but unfortunately all is not well. The American Lung Association gave failing grades to seven Colorado counties, many on the Front Range, in their recent State of the Air report for those who regularly experience harmful smog and ozone pollution. Failing grades are always frowned upon in our world, and it just seems like our air can’t handle more pollution – from any source. We must do everything we can to make sure the air our children breathe won’t make them sick. Already in Colorado, approximately 1 out of 10 children have asthma.

Colorado is experiencing an increase in oil and gas development. Since 2000, drilling for oil and gas in Colorado has more than doubled and drilling has increased nearly fivefold on Colorado’s Front Range. With that development we’re seeing an increase in smog-inducing air pollution around oil and gas sites — many close to our neighborhoods, schools and playgrounds — that emit chemicals that impact our families’ health.

These harmful chemicals escape during the drilling and production process from the web of pipelines, drilling stations, and storage tanks used in oil and gas operations. These leaky pipes and tanks create ground level ozone pollution which has been proven to cause health complications in adults and children. Babies and children are more vulnerable to many of the associated health effects generated from oil and gas operations because their lungs are still developing, and rates of asthma are higher in children than in adults.

We understand you and your Air Quality Control Commission will be deciding how much pollution oil and gas operations can emit into our air later this year. We ask you to stand strong and dramatically reduce lung-damaging ozone pollution and dangerous climate change emissions coming from oil and gas operations.

We can lead the nation in reducing air pollution from oil and gas operations and protecting the health and well-being of our children by adopting rigorous leak detection and repair requirements to stop pollution from failing equipment, requiring state-of-the art capture technologies on storage tanks and other pollution sources, and requiring companies to publicly disclose the chemicals they emit into the air we breathe.

As we work together to make Colorado the healthiest state in the U.S. we encourage you to include air quality in this call and adopt strong standards on oil and gas pollution emissions. We cannot afford any more failing grades on our air quality- the health of our families and children hang in the balance.

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