RECALL - Signatures to begin the Recall of CHINO COUNCIL MEMBERS

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BOARD MEMBER RECALLS - The  Citizens of Chino will Now take a Stand and Request Your Signature on this PETITION to take control their City and prepare to elect New Board members on the November ballot.

6000 Votes are Necessary

7.18.17 City Council Meeting: Council Meeting. Overview of COMMUNITY CONCERNS:

"Council Members closing statements. Mr. Haughey did not take the statements from 'No on H' members as a constructive warning. He said that "Measure M worked because the voters came out and defeated Measure H."

"He did not concede to the fact that if the Council would have made Horton get signatures for a special ballot it would have never gone to a Special Ballot. The Council knew that Horton failed the first time trying to get on the ballot." -JR

This is "A Perfect Storm"

"A council member leaves before their term is up then the other members get to pick who they want. Think about it the council chose the last 2 board members. Not the residents!"   -JD

"Wow, for me Its always been what a candidate has done in service to the City in their past. These last two appointments, for me, have been very disappointing in that regard. In surveying the last two candidate pools, there were excellent choices with successful history of service that would have great choices. Mr. George stood against Mayor Ulloa, in the district he represents on H, Mr. Rodriguez never took a stand." - DS

The "Good 'ol BOYS" picked their newest cohort for a seat on the Chino City Council this evening. When will the residents have the opportunity to ELECT their representation?Mr. Rodriguez, I hope you're here to 'represent Chino residents', and with the best interests of the City at heart, if so, welcome & I wish you luck. I personally do NOT trust the choices of the current city Council Chairmen. Recent events have shown much disapproval for these men. Chino, can we get 6,000 signatures for recalls? That's what it'll take for them to be Recalled, How many more chances do they get?"   -SD

"The good that came out of Measure 'H' is that it "United the City of Chino " for the first time on stopping ZONE changes as per the General Plan. - est. 1988"


Council Member Earl C. Elrod was originally elected to the City Council in 1998. He is serving his fourth term and previously served as Mayor Pro Tem twice.  Council Member Elrod also served on the Planning Commission for eight years from 1990 to 1998 and on the Chino Parks Commission from 1977 to 1980. In addition, he served on the San Bernardino County Grand Jury from 1997 to 1998.  Term of Office Expires 2018

------ and

Mayor Pro Tem - Tom Haughey was elected to the City Council in 2001 and is currently serving his fifth term. Before joining the Council, Mayor Pro Tem Haughey served briefly on the Planning Commission in 2001. 

Term of Office Expires 2020

Both these Council Members need to be Recalled it’s that simple.




Chapter I — General Recall Provisions
Recall in General
Recall is the power of the voters to remove an elective officer

The State Constitution requires that the Legislature must provide for the recall of local officers. This provision, however, does not affect counties and cities whose charters provide for recall.

For the purpose of recall of local officers, the term "clerk" refers to the appropriate elections official for the jurisdiction in which the recall is being sought, in particular:

"Governing Board" includes a city council, the board of supervisors of a county, the board of trustees of a school district or community college district, or the legislative body of a special district. In the case of the recall of a trial court judge "governing board" means the board of supervisors.

(Elections Code § 11003)

Recall proceedings may not be commenced against an officer of a city, county, special district, school district, community college district, or county board of education if:

The officer has not held office during the current term for more than 90 days,
A recall election has been determined in the officer's favor within the last six months, or
The officer's term ends within six months or less.
These limitations do not apply to an officer appointed in lieu of an election pursuant to Elections Code section 10229(a)(2).

(Elections Code § 11007)

The "proponents" of the recall are those voters who initiate the recall proceedings and have control of circulating and obtaining signatures to the recall petition. All of the required proponents of a recall must be registered voters who, based on their residence, are qualified to vote for the office of the officer they seek to recall.

(Elections Code §§ 322, 11005

BOARD MEMBER RECALLS - The Citizens of Chino will Now take a Stand and Request Your Signature on this PETITION

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