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Children of Reality Television are exploited and used to the fullest extent of their Parents,the Media,tabloids, paparazzi etc. Children NEED to be Children without the constant eyes of the media,lens of a camera. There are no Laws protecting children with Reality Television and this needs to be addressed. Children are Human and deserve the same rights as anyone else in the United States.

Letter to
President of the United States
This letter is to express the concern for children of Reality Television, as you may know there aren't any laws protecting children of these shows. They have camera's around them all the time,as many hours as an adult works in a day but almost 7 days a week. Through sickness and health,through bad times and good. These children deserve the right to a childhood where they aren't exploited and used sometimes for the benifical reason of the parents making money . Children are filmed getting physically sick for one reason or another which should not be shown at all,they throw temper tantrums etc. It's an invasion of the childs privacy. Children don't ask for this to happen, and they have no power over it. When it comes to Reality Television people have to think how is this going to harm my child(ren)?
We as Parents,Communities,People need to protect our children from the harmful affects of Reality Television. Your Child is your FIRST Priority and your Only Priority. Keeping them safe and sound is better than spoiled and harmed mentally and emotionally.

Please help and do what you can to make it safer for children of Reality Television,