PROTECT Californians Right to Choose AFFORDABLE Care for Our Animals

PROTECT Californians Right to Choose AFFORDABLE Care for Our Animals

January 5, 2016
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Started by California Alliance For Animal Owners Rights

This is a before and after shot of one of our member's dogs, Snoopy.  He would not be alive today if she had not sought out alternative practitioners!!

Snoopy was paralyzed and abandoned at a dog park. Two veterinarians advised his rescuer to put him down, saying his chances to walk were slim. Instead she took him to swim therapy, massage and acupuncture. Snoopy is now walking and even jumping like a normal dog.  The Vet Board already cut us off from acupuncturists…only a veterinarian can do that now. Now they want to restrict other complementary services like massage and swim therapy, so this would only be legal from  a vet or a licensed physical therapist under vet supervision.  Act now before your rights are taken away from you and your animals.



The California Veterinary Medical Board (Vet Board) is working on regulations that will effectively ban animal services, like massage, swim therapy, even practices like grooming, herb and nutritional counseling, and training, unless provided by licensed veterinarians, or vet techs or physical therapists supervised by a veterinarian paid to be present.

 This will make animal care unaffordable and put current alternative/complementary animal care practitioners out of business. This is bad for us, bad for our animals, and bad for the California economy. The Vet Board says they have to do this because California pet owners can’t make good choices for animals. Really, this is their ostensible reason.

 Most California pet owners don’t even know this is happening. Please sign this petition and pass it on. And please tell your friends and any groups you belong to what is happening. By signing the petition you send a message to the California Legislature to:  Get Control of the Out-of-Control California Vet Board.

 Protect the rights of pet owners in California to choose whatever therapy they want for their animals. Ensure the same freedom Californians now have for human services (through the SB277 waiver system) to choose chiropractors, massage therapists, or any other complementary practitioners for themselves and their children. Why should the State of California be more repressive when it comes to our animals?

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This petition had 1,012 supporters

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