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Petitioning Governments of Canada and British Colombia

Protect British Columbia's beautiful coastal waters from oil spills


There are three proposals to bring more and bigger oil supertankers to British Columbia's coast, so that Alberta's oilsands crude can be shipped to China and Asia. If this is allowed to happen, most British Columbians would benefit little and B.C.'s resplendent coast would be threatened by oil spills. 

The Alberta and federal governments are pushing for these oil tankers. They're using a review process that's rigged in their favour. But B.C. has a history of defending its coast and an epic struggle is underway.

You can't eliminate and can't predict oil spills. They happen because humans make mistakes and machines break.

A single oil spill could devastate lives, livelihoods, cultures and wildlife on our coast.

There's no need to accept the risk. Far more jobs would be put at risk than created in B.C., and since oil is non-renewable we think it's better to keep more Canadian oil in Canada for our children to use if they need to.

Together, we can create victory for our coast. Sign this petition to stop more supertanker traffic along B.C.’s coast!

Letter to
Governments of Canada and British Colombia
We the signatories draw your attention to proposals by Enbridge, Kinder Morgan and CN Rail to expand oil supertanker traffic through B.C.’s coast to ship oil to Asia, which would put B.C.’s abundant salmon rivers and coast at risk of oil spills. A single Exxon Valdez-like spill could jeopardize thousands of families and livelihoods, entire cultures, and a spectacular diversity of life. That’s why 70 First Nation communities banned these types of projects via the Coastal First Nations and Save the Fraser declarations, which an array of citizens are recognizing as an opportunity to unite in protection of our shared coast and advance reconciliation between First Nations and the rest of B.C. and Canada.

Your petitioners recognize these declarations and the authority exercised therein, and call upon Parliament and the Legislature to use whatever means are available to stop the expansion of oil supertanker traffic through B.C.’s coastal waters.

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