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The  Dingo is Australia's Unique Top Order Land Predator.

Dingoes have been present in Australia for well over 5000 years.  On the Australian mainland they are now the sole non-human land-based top predator.  Their importance to the ecological health and resilience of Australian ecosystems is of paramount importance.

For decades the use of "predator control"  in the form of toxic poisons such as 1080, PAPP and strychine has caused mass destruction of Dingoes.

Ignorant Predator Control was introduced to stave off "stock loss" in the agriculture industry, which paid no heed to the long term conservation of Australia's biodiversity and protection of native species. This ignorance continues today.

"Since European settlement, humans have drastically altered the Australian environment, resulting in one of the highest rates of species loss in the world.  We are constantly trying to poison foxes to reduce their populations and we are constantly culling kangaroos to keep their numbers low. But the reason why these species are problematic is that there is nothing controlling them.   In a true wild system, larger predators  (Dingoes)   would control both of these species."(Dr Euan Ritchie)

Over the past two decades, ecological research in Australian ecosystems and around the world has increasingly focused on the importance of the conservation of top predator populations for ecosystem health and the preservation of biodiversity.  Diminishing top predator populations have been associated with ecosystem instability and species decline. The protection of the ecological functions such a predator performs in Australia's ecosystem stability and resilience is crucial." (Dr Kylie Cairns)

"There is global interest in restoring populations of apex predators, both to conserve them and to harness their ecological services.

In Australia, reintroduction of dingoes (Canis dingo) has been proposed to help restore degraded rangelands. This proposal is based on scientific theories and the results of studies suggesting that dingoes can suppress populations of prey (especially medium‐ and large‐sized herbivores) and invasive predators such as red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) and feral cats (Felis catus) that prey on threatened native species."

(Thomas M Newsome, Guy‐Anthony Ballard, Mathew S Crowther, Justin A Dellinger, Peter JS Fleming, Alistair S Glen, Aaron C Greenville, Chris N Johnson, Mike Letnic, Katherine E Moseby, Dale G Nimmo, Michael Paul Nelson, John L Read, William J Ripple, Euan G Ritchie, Carolyn R Shores, Arian D Wallach, Aaron J Wirsing, Christopher R Dickman

"The presence of dingoes adds a stabilising influence and provides ecosystem resilience for endemic species and communities.   The present lethal control of dingoes facilitates increases in mesopredator (cat and fox) and herbivore (kangaroos, wallabies and feral goats) populations that are currently managed as "pests".  This will in turn suppress threatened species populations.

In other words, killing Dingoes  is not only counter-productive to environmental and ecological stability,  it is environmentally unsustainable and a threat to our ecological biodiversity, while introducing into the environment doses of toxic poisons the effects of which over an extended period are yet to be quantified, not limited to the risk to human health.

We can no longer afford to support this sort of ignorance. 

The Cost of "wild dog" control in Australia is many millions of  dollars annually. It is a silent agri-business which  has proven to be ineffective. (see Graphs in updates) and destructive of our apex terrestrial predator,  the Australian dingo.  This  is at the taxpayers' expense and long term environmental instability and destruction of many species of Australian native animals, one of the highest in the world. 

It is claimed by Dr Euan Ritchie "Guardian animals, such as dogs, alpacas and even donkeys could offer protection against livestock predation".  and "... if properly managed, more dingoes ....... in the landscape would help save species and restore a natural balance to our ecosystems. And there are other innovative recent inventions. 

We call upon the Australian Government:

1. Bring about Legislative Reform to stop destruction of Australia's Top Order Predator in each State of Australia; 

2. Invest in research and develop measures to protect the Australian Dingo, our native top order predator across Australia;

3. Finance research into technology that will support farmers  move toward non-lethal predator control.

4. Encourage and support the reintroduction of Dingoes into the environment.



0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!