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Protect Asylum Seekers in New Immigration Bill

Everyone who enters the United States seeking asylum is automatically put into jail. Sometimes they spend weeks or more there before they are even granted the first step toward asylum. But with the new immigration bill in Congress, we can change that!

All asylum seekers — even people who have committed no crime and are simply fleeing violence — are currently put into detention facilities upon arrival in the United States, until they are granted a “credible fear” interview with a government official. Some are jailed for weeks or months until this interview, which determines if they can legally request asylum. Even after the interview, they may still be kept imprisoned while waiting for a resolution of their request for asylum! The indefinite jailing of asylum seekers violates human rights and our deepest values. (Learn more.)

Take action to defend asylum seekers, including refugees and torture survivors. Right now, you have a unique and rare opportunity to change the system. The new comprehensive immigration reform bill includes significant and much-needed protections for refugees, asylum seekers, and torture survivors. But during the amendment process on the Senate floor, these positive measures could be weakened or even eliminated entirely!

Send a message to the Senate asking them to protect asylum seekers and keep improvements to the asylum process in the new immigration bill.

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