Protect And Preserve Anna Maria Island!

Protect And Preserve Anna Maria Island!

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Protect And Preserve AMI started this petition to Mayor Dan Murphy and


What Price Do We Pay?

  • Increase property taxes to pay for the new infrastructure.
  • Increase costs short-term and long-term flooding.
  • Reimbursement to present homeowners who will sue and win compensation under the Bert Harris law.
  • Irreparable damage to gopher turtles, sea turtles, and our dunes.
  • More car, golf carts, and residential traffic.

Preserve AMI 

My name is Wendy Jordan, Robert Jordan and I are the homeowner at 107 Elm Avenue since April 1, 2021.  We created to alert the people who love this island.  At the time of purchase we joined a hidden administrative court lawsuit with 3 beachfront neighbors because we saw a threat of new FDEP rules to allow coastal construction onto our beaches, FDEP was challenged and we lost, this opened the door to building on unbuildable platted beachfront lots north of Pine Avenue.  

Anna Maria could lose what makes it unique if we aren’t speaking out.  Please join like-minded island land owners and head off any threat, please band together and let the city know we treasure and want to protect our rare and beautiful gem and we care about what’s going on. 

News Update:

February 1, 2022

Fedora Campbell – Lot owner at 105 Elm Avenue applied for building Permit on her unbuildable lot.  

February 8, 2022 City workers were on the dunes at the beach access bridge at 105  Elm Avenue marking with orange paint, outlining the area for extension of Elm on Avenue into the sea forward lot, into the dunes.  Later in the day, Mayor Dan Murphy came to the marked location to do what the workers called “examining the potential for the extension of Elm Avenue”.

Our 2012 home is shaped like a wedge, limited in size and shape by the FDEP rules of 12 years ago, the strict erosion guidelines.  The permit request on 105 Elm is asking for a full-size, lot covering rectangular home, it has no access.

In summary, FDEP loosened their rules for building in erosion zones and we must ask why this is happening, it sets a dangerous precedent for everyone on Anna Maria. The call for action is now and we must speak up before it’s too late.

Photo shows ELM avenue, Lavender lines show proposed area for extending the street to 105 Elm.

On August 12, 2021 Florida’s 1st District Court of Appeal confirmed receipt of our filing of 3 notices of appeal contesting the FDEP’s Final Order granting the owner at 105 Elm Ave, we also filed with the Clerk of the FDEP as required.

Three separate notices (1 for each litigant, our friends & neighbors and supporters) each were filed separately in the event a dismissal of their appeal was decided. It is likely and desirable that these THREE appeals will be consolidated by the court, next we filed Motions to Stay pending review in order to buy opportunity to completely argue our case against their ruling.
We were told this process would take at least 300 days, then will go for the City of Anna Maria to decide and so the long process begins again at the city level.

September 10, 2021: WE MADE a decision to drop the appeal, we were given a 20% chance we might win, we feel we did all we could against the State department but lost 3 rounds because they did NOT do the right thing for Anna Maria Island. Why continue and further the losses on the State level? Our motion to Stay longer in appeal process went straight to the veteran FDEP attorney (now judge) who went backward on their own rules of protection.


They (FDEP) opened the door for lawsuits from all dune lot owners, IF to build forward of the established and previous protected conservation lines, they allow 105 elm, they must allow all the others, they essentially destroyed the LINE in the actual sand of sea forward lots along North Shore to Bean’s point, Anna Maria Beaches, more densely populated and more residential? Our lawyer made a statement that didn’t even make sense, he said allowing 105 Elm to build “wouldn’t change the density of the island”. I call this “gaslighting”, This would absolutely mean the change in density Mr. LEVIN and the “DOMINO effect” and the ruin of the Anna Maria we all know and love, it will mean more cars, more rentals, more, more and more is not good for an island, we have a limit.


October 1, 2021: There is no road access to the 105 Elm lot, there is no infrastructure (electrical and water) and as it stands the lot owner would be responsible for the cost. Ultimately this decision is and has been in the hands of the City all along, anyone can ask for a letter of no objection (LONO) from the city, they gave this lot owner a LONO in Feb 2020 in short order. This is what began this case, we are sounding the alarm to the public and especially our residents. The entire case would be hidden if not for what we are telling you and we need your help, follow the city commissioners’ meetings, ask the City of Anna Maria’s Local officials to “Do the Right Thing”! Do not permit extension of any of our sea forward streets into the dunes, do not grant a building permit at 105 Elm Ave.


We have something rare and precious here, TOGETHER (over 1500 strong) we need to HOLD THE LINE!

Please share our petition, please watch for updates, please keep up with city official meetings and please, please help us all preserve AMI for everyone to visit!

Thank You All!
– Wendy & Robert Jordan


July 20, 2021: The Secretary of Florida Department Of Environmental Protection (DEP) granted the permit to build on the currently designated unbuildable lot at 105 Elm Ave. This rogue ruling could now start a destructive domino effect that could destroy our beloved AMI beaches, dunes, history, wildlife, and tradition forever.

Now the solution to save our City Of Anna Maria dunes and existing healthy ecosystem by stopping this New Florida DEP precedent is in Mayor Dan's Hands and all of our other local City Of Anna Maria elected officials. Let's see if they feel the same as we do about pushing NEW boundaries of construction into our dunes that the FDEP has - until now, protected. Thousands of us would love to see the City Of Anna Maria now step up to Protect & Preserve AMI for all of us, forever.

Importantly, this is not just a local 105 Elm Avenue issue. This is an Anna Maria Island issue. City Of Bradenton Beach Mayor John Chappie and City Of Holmes Beach Mayor Judy Titsworth, please unite with Dan to help Protect & Preserve all of Anna Maria Island. 3 is better than 1!

Change should be for the good of our environment and mother nature. AMI should not have to rely on expensive beach & dune renourishment projects to keep our island from getting washed away. We need to know that our elected officials are not influenced by aggressive “over developers" and related business commerce salivating over the recent boom in AMI real estate numbers.

The Florida DEP let us down. Now it’s up to all of our local leaders to save AMI, NOT overdevelop it. All of our current local leaders will be put to the test…will they do what’s right and take action to PRESERVE AMI? Or will they promote overdevelopment?? To quote a long-time local AMI resident: 
"Enough Is Enough!” 

To those that recently complained that a number of passionate AMI homeowners and lot owners placed now legal, within code, 24” x 18” temporary yard signs on their property to show support of Preserve AMI…SHAME ON YOU. You claim that these small temporary signs to promote PROTECTING THE DUNES are destroying the dunes. Would you prefer the Dunes to be SCRAPED AWAY BY YOUR BULLDOZERS so our turtles can no longer lay their eggs there and your private big money businesses can overdevelop them?! Thanks to these signs, the public is now aware and taking action to Preserve AMI.


Thanks to everyone that have joined in and registered their voice to Protect & Preserve AMI. Our numbers are GROWING. Nearly 1,000 local AMI people have now signed our Preserve AMI Petition and the word is just getting out! We will continue using real quotes from real Preserve AMI people to help Protect and Preserve Anna Maria Island; its beaches, dunes, history, wildlife, and tradition.

Please continue to share with your friends, family, and all of our local elected AMI leaders. We voted them in...If they do what’s right for AMI, they stand a great chance of being re-elected, right? Now, let’s all watch our local elected leaders and developers closely.

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- Wendy & Robert B. Jordan IV


PREVIOUS POST [07.01.21]


On June 7, 2021 a Tallahassee administrative court judge (former 28-year FDEP attorney) ruled against protecting AMI from new construction on sea forward UNUSABLE lots into the line of our precious DUNES. This court ruling is not searchable online. We are making it public. Please send a request for document case files.

New construction on these lots will ruin our vegetation, our sea birds, and our wildlife forever!

We sued.

We lost.

Please send a message to Tallahassee DEP Secretary Shawn Hamilton, this was the wrong decision.

"Don't let FDEP turn MY AMI into MIAMI!" - AMI Resident

Now it’s in the hands of our local AMI elected officials.


We ❤️ our Beaches!

We bet you do too!

Please take a moment to learn what has happened that will ruin AMI forever!



We're calling on you to help Protect And Preserve Anna Maria Island, its beaches, dunes, history, wildlife, and tradition. After reading this petition, please sign and share it with our local community members and loved ones.

It’s safe to say that everyone that lives here or visits Anna Maria Island feels an incredible difference. First the quaint old Florida feel, they notice the lack of high rises. They see the abundance of wildlife and the dense natural wooded areas protecting residences between the fabulous fine, white-as-snow sand of the beach and the homes in a straight line along the beach.

There are many rules to build on the water in Florida, the Department of Environmental Protection with the cooperation of other governing agencies is in place to serve the taxpayers. The taxes for waterfront property are understandably higher and it’s a privilege to live on the water. All that do want it protected and preserved. Everyone that comes here should understand it’s a paradise to be preserved, protected, and cherished. It’s a gem of a place unlike any other in Florida.

Many Florida beaches are covered with high rises and buildings, the natural landscape around the buildings has been replaced during the ages and due to the changes of the building processes today. Not all these beaches are islands, most are not islands and are not limited in space like Anna Maria. Whether the visitors realize it or not, this island is unique in that the disturbance of the oldest palm trees, grasses, native animals, most plant and bird life are here today because someone has successfully enforced the rules for many, many years.

The history of this island is a fantastic story. This island is a narrow strip of sand that needs vegetation to hold the land. Traffic is a problem today and the solution to less traffic is certainly not more residents added seaward onto the beaches. The probability of disaster is inevitable if this is allowed to happen. Disaster for the wildlife, the visitors, and the ruination of what was unique about this island.

We all know many people have flocked here since covid and all over Florida as a result of the recent 2020 pandemic and it caused many people to discover AMI. It’s caused a crazy boom in real estate here. The boom is real, the money is real, and with that a lot of times, greed rears its ugly head and puts our natural beauty and safety in danger.

Interestingly, the DEP had a previous 35-year veteran administrator who retired and his replacement in 2020 soon thereafter issued a permit to build in a zone (see FEMA maps for zoning of mean waterlines, 100 yr flood zones, etc.) where no one has been granted to build before. The property we bought had very strict LOC restrictions by the DEP it had to be built in the shape of a wedge. The petitioned property owner property has been on the tax roll of Manatee County for many many years and it has never had a building on it. It is currently deemed as “unusable”. Now they have been granted an unrestricted build for the lot, ruining our pristine dunes, and jeopardizing the wildlife forever.

There exists a very clear line of construction (LOC) you can put a ruler on this line on an aerial photograph from GIS photos. There are waterfront specialists and experts of DEP who established and enforced these lines.

The case is a complicated and long read and the ruling was issued on June 7, 2021. When a government agency rules against the protection of our land, we need to revisit the ruling and sound the alarm. Most governing agencies for protection never go backward on decisions like this. If not just from a total traffic increase standpoint, this needs a conversation among the people here who care.

We need your help to ask DEP again, why did they go backward?

The red flag is this; when the DEP moves the rules they have set and enforced for many, many years something is wrong.

Who wins?

Does Anna Maria have a traffic problem now?

Are there demographic studies being done that care about the lives of people fleeing a massive hurricane to get to the mainland over 2 bridges that would be packed?

We're calling on you to help Protect And Preserve Anna Maria Island, its beaches, dunes, history, wildlife, and tradition. After reading this petition, please sign and share it with our local community members and loved ones.

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- Wendy & Robert B. Jordan IV

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!